About Us

Adventure Enthusiast

Hi! My name is Jorden Whicker, and I'm an Arizona native and adventure enthusiast. I'm outside exploring everything Arizona offers when I'm not working in tech. 

Hiking, mountain biking (favorite), off-roading, whether in my truck or side-by-side, and camping.

I created this website and network to spread awareness of Arizona's outdoor adventures and provide resources for those wanting to experience them. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here. I understand there are many other resources for finding hiking, biking, and off-road trails. However, through experience, I learned that many need more first-person knowledge. Like where and when to park, the best time of year or day to visit, the best routes to get there that provide scenic drives, etc.

Maybe you're someone looking for an adventure-buddy. Reach out to me and join our group of like-minded adventure junkies!

I hope you enjoy what I've put together, and if you find it helpful, please share it via social media with friends and family.

Join the adventure team!

Tel: (480) 993-6531

Email: Jorden.Whicker@gmail.com